Our Story

Austealth Outdoor Wear is an Australian owned company founded by John and Rob.

Our passion and experience extends over 30 years in a range of hunting and shooting fields, stalking all game species. We’ve came across a wide range of different landscapes and terrains whilst hunting in the different states of Australia, from the highlands of Tasmania all the way up to outback Queensland. Camouflage clothing has changed dramatically over the years. We wanted to create a design with the Australian Bush for hunters in Australia to blend in with the surroundings and to maximize their chances of a successful hunt.

Inspired by the love of the great outdoors, Austealth has designed clothing to suit Australian habitats and to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Austealth have carried out vigorous in house testing of its materials and products to ensure the hunter remains stealth, dry, warm and comfortable. Optimising camouflage to gain the extra stealth advantage is our goal. Austealth products are made with sound reduction fabric together with our unique trademarked design that captures the look of the Australian bushland.

Austealth has also introduced a dark orange camouflage range of products suitable for hunting various game species. Improving visibility to fellow hunters but not compromising on stealth components. Our passion is to give an advantage to all types of bow hunters and shooters giving them confidence in their close approach to game hunting.

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